Issue 9

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Improving R animated GIFs with tweenr

map with R

Networks, mazes, and R (Rmaze)

R in the Real World

Dance of the Bayes factors

Return of the NEISS Data

Does sentiment analysis work? A tidy analysis of Yelp reviews

dplyr and Zika – Epilogue

R in Organization

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New Releases

  • RcppCCTZ 0.0.5 - CCTZ is a time zone library.

  • Rcpp 0.12.6 - 703 packages on CRAN now depend on Rcpp.

  • pvsR 0.4 - Data retrieval from Project Vote Smart’s rich online data base on US politics.

  • partools 1.1.5 - Miscellaneous utilities for parallelizing large computations.

  • rplos 0.6.0 - R client for the PLoS Journals API.

  • coop 0.6.0 - Fast covariance, correlation, and cosine similarity.

New Packages & Tools

  • stacksurveyr - An R package with the 2016 Developer Survey Results.

  • GREA - The RStudio Add-In to read ALL the data into R!

  • StackLite - Dataset of Stack Overflow questions and tags.

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core.

  • configure now adds a compiler switch for C++11 code, even if the compiler supports C++11 by default. (This ensures that β€˜gcc’ 6.x uses C++11 mode and not its default C++14 mode.)

  • There is support for compiling C++14 code in packages on suitable platforms: see Writing R Extensions for how to request this.

  • Running R CMD check --as-cran with _R_CHECK_CRAN_INCOMING_REMOTE_ false now skips tests that require remote access. The remaining (local) tests typically run very quickly compared to the remote tests.

Call for Participation

Upcoming Events

  • R Competition on education in South Africa 8 July - 21 August

  • EARL 2016 London 13 September - 15 Septemberth
    The primary focus of the Conference is the commercial usage of R across a range of industry sectors with the aim of sharing knowledge and applications of the language.

  • eRum 2016 Poznan, Poland 12 October - 14 October
    European R users meeting (eRum) is an international conference that aims at integrating users of the R language. eRum 2016 will be a good chance to exchange experiences, broaden knowledge on R and collaborate.

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