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Simpsons Characters - A tidy text analysis



Combine your hex stickers with magic(k)

Deep Learning Image Classification with Keras and Shiny

Do tweeps with more followers follow tweeps with more followers?

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • merge() gains new option no.dups and by default suffixes the second of two duplicated column names, thanks to a proposal by Scott Ritchie (and Gabe Becker).

  • NAMEDMAX has been raised to 3 to allow protection of intermediate results from (usually ill-advised) assignments in arguments to BUILTIN functions. Package C code using SET_NAMED may need to be revised.

  • The undocumented hidden objects .__H__.cbind and .__H__.rbind in package base are deprecated (in favour of cbind and rbind).

  • Arithmetic with data frames gives a data frame for ^ (which previously gave a numeric matrix).

  • read.table() with non-default separator now supports quotes following a non-whitespace, matching the behavior of scan().

  • Writing R Extensions now documents the R_tryCatch, R_tryCatchError, and R_UnwindProtect functions.

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