R Weekly 2018-6 R Consortium Proposals, Data Day Texas



R in the Real World

Flights at Night: Mapping airline routes on NASA's night lights images

Tracking and analyzing tweets about rstudio::conf

Congaree Big Trees

R in Organizations

New Packages

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errorist - Automatically Search Error and Warning Messages

Demo of `errorist`

searcher - Query Search Interfaces

Demo of `searcher`

  • dirichletprocess - building flexible Dirichlet process objects to model data in a nonparametric Bayesian framework.

  • TSrepr - time series representations computing

GitHub only

  • pmatch - Haskell- and ML-like pattern matching for R

  • geniusR - Easily access song lyrics from Genius

  • tabr - Create tidyverse-friendly tables of frequencies, inspired by Stata

Package Releases

  • profmem 0.5.0- Simple Memory Profiling for R, e.g. profmem({ example("lm") }). Now with support for nested profiling as well as suspending and resuming active profiling sessions.

  • RVowpalWabbit 0.0.12 - R with Vowpal Wabbit fast out-of-core learning system

  • digest 0.6.15 - creates hash digests of arbitrary R objects

  • sparklyr 0.7 - R Interface to Apache Spark

Videos and Podcasts

  • NSSD NO.53: Shaken, Not Stirred:Hilary and Roger discuss the connection between intelligence analysts and data scientists, and Hilary helps Roger prepare for an upcoming talk.

  • R-Podcast Episode 23 -Interviews with Romain Francois and Thomas Lin Pedersen - Straight from rstudio::conf 2018 Eric speaks with Romain Francois and Thomas Lin Pedersen. You’ll hear Romain’s thoughts on the growth of Rcpp and the project that helped him become closer to the R community, as well as Thomas’ journey to enhancing ggplot2 and the new packages he’s developed covering network analyses and dynamic APIs from R.



Creating Heatmap Tiles in ggplot2

Making base graphics look pretty

Does "the twitter ratio" apply to the #rstats community?

Scraping Wikipedia Tables from Lists for Visualisation

Average spend, activities and length of visit in the NZ International Visitor Survey

Gist & Cookbook

R Project Updates

Updates from R Core:

  • configure will use pkg-config to find the flags to link to jpeg if available (as it should be for the recently-released jpeg-9c and libjpeg-turbo). (This amends the code added in R 3.3.0 as the module name in jpeg-9c is not what that tested for.)

  • The duplicated() method for data frames is now based on lists (instead of string coercion). Consequently unique() is better distinguishing data frame rows, fixing PR#17369 and PR#17381.

  • Calling names() on an S4 object derived from "environment" behaves (by default) like calling names() on an ordinary environment.

  • The environment variable R_MAX_VZISE can now be used to specify the maximal vector heap size. On macOS, unless specified by this environment variable, the maximal vector heap size is set to the maximum on 16GB and the available physical memory. This is to avoid having the R process killed when macOS over-commits memory.

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